Sales Coordinator

London, United Kingdom · Sales · TWC


Thought Machine, one of the UK's leading FinTech companies, is undergoing a period of rapid expansion and is looking to hire a number of candidates in the role of Sales Coordinator.

Our mission is to cure one of the banking industry's primary problems: its reliance on outdated IT infrastructure. Nearly every bank is stuck on a legacy IT platform, which cripples their ability to innovate and give their customers the type of service they deserve.

Our solution to this is Vault: a complete retail banking platform that is capable of being configured easily to suit the needs of any bank. We have built Vault from the ground up as a cloud native, microservice API architecture platform. Thought Machine has a deep culture of engineering excellence, and we believe it is this which delivers a solution compelling enough to engender a seismic shift in the banking industry.

Thought Machine is looking for highly talented individuals to help grow the company and achieve our ambitious goal. We pride ourselves on having an excellent internal culture, where we strive hard to create the best possible working environment; a healthy mix of great technical work, fast pace, supportive atmosphere, and of course our irreverent sense of fun.

Thought Machine hires team members of excellent calibre in every role. While a lot will be asked of you, you will benefit greatly from working in a world class team, with colleagues who excel. Working at Thought Machine is fast paced and team oriented with an emphasis in delivering the highest quality work in every role.

At Thought Machine, the Sales Coordinator works with the Chief Marketing Officer, the Director of Partnerships and the Director of Sales Engineering to deliver on our promises to clients and potential clients.

The Sales Coordinator keeps the sales pipeline, ensures sales queries are routed correctly and answered on time and that media queries are dealt with promptly. The goal is to facilitate the team’s activities so as to maximise their performance and the solid and long-lasting development of the company.






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